Protecting Your Company's Image

Unprofitable! New customers and clients are turned off when they enter a dirty business.

Unproductive! Employees working in a dirty building are less content and less productive.

Unhealthy! Bacteria, pollens, fungus, dust mites, and hundreds of other chemicals can become trapped in a dirty carpet, causing an unhealthy condition.

Regular Cleaning and Maintenance.
• Increases the life of your carpets and fabrics
• Reduces your replacement costs
• Shows concern for clients and employees. working environment

Why Do Some Business Stay Looking Great for Years. and others lose their luster quickly?

Carpets, upholstered furniture and textiles start out clean and new, but then soil accumulation in heavy wear areas starts to take its toll. Once its appearance has reached an unacceptable level, cleaning is scheduled, usually by choosing the lowest bidder. The appearance is somewhat improved, but abrasive soil has already begun to take its toll and your carpet no longer looks like new..

This cycle is repeated over and over again and each time the level of appearance continues on a downward spiral. This approach, combined with uneducated, uninformed cleaning technicians guarantees unacceptable performance of your textiles.

The ReNew Carpet Systems Difference
Each office, business and commercial building is unique. Traffic patterns, levels and soiling vary and require different cleaning approaches. A facility might have greasy soil, acidic soil, particulate soil, liquid spills or allergy concerns. Different methods must be used to address specific concerns. Rather that only offer one choice, ReNew Carpet Systems lets your needs determine the cleaning solutions and systems used.

Call today for your FREE business needs assessment and see how ReNew Carpet Systems can keep your facilities looking great all the time and your replacement costs down.


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